Avigdor Lieberman would do well to study history before alluding to it in his policy proposals. There is no “Cyprus model” for population and territory exchange. In 1974, the US-supported Greek fascist regime organized a military putsch in Cyprus to unify it with Greece. Though the putsch was promptly suppressed, Turkey invaded northern Cyprus to inhibit further pro-Greek moves. There was no territorial exchange in Cyprus: Greeks and the UN reject the Turkish state in the north. The Turks expelled some 160,000 native Greeks from Northern Cyprus, and the Greeks massacred several Turkish villages in the South. A population exchange between Turkey and Greece took place half a century before and – contrary to Lieberman’s assertions – involved no territorial exchange. While both peoples have been successfully homogenized and pacified, Greeks who seek to regain their ancestral lands in Turkey still call the exchange a catastrophe. Similarly, a population exchange between Israel and Arab countries (Jews have already left Muslim lands) could pacify the country somewhat but would not end belligerency. In order to achieve even tactical pacification, substantially all Muslims must be transferred out of Israel; that follows the model of the Greek-Turkish exchange. Arabs and Western liberals would vehemently oppose such a transfer, which could be effected only by force. If Israel evicts the Muslims by force, why give them any land? They have fifty-six states of their own and 87% of the land promised to Israel by the Balfour Declaration.

Lieberman’s drive for Israel to join NATO is equally groundless. NATO will not accept Israel unless she signs a peace treaty with most Arab countries. Israeli wars are offensive by definition, because minuscule Israel must preempt; such wars are generally illicit under the NATO charter. NATO forces are distant and won’t arrive in time to help Israel in a major war.

Lieberman is not alone in arguing for Israeli EU membership, but that is impossible for now. Huge military expenses necessitate high taxes; Israel cannot open her borders to EU goods. Israel’s record of human (Arab terrorist) rights violations also precludes EU membership.

There is no need for the fictional “Cyprus model.” Our model is Joshua’s conquest of Canaan.