Libertarianism is a blank-slate society. Everyone is entitled to anything. Looks like a nice freedom until we realize that absence of value is itself a value. The libertarian value is: You shall have no values. Israeli secular schools are honest in the libertarian sense: they don’t indoctrinate children with religion. But in doing so, they automatically indoctrinate them with atheism. Teachers tell them the scientific truth that Judaism in some ways resembles other Middle Eastern religions (and we, as two-legged beings, resemble kangaroos), and refrain from asserting the scientifically unproven thesis that Jewish law was given word-for-word on the Sinai. Even-handed? You bet. But children leave Israeli schools brainwashed into atheism. Even in the cosmos there is no absolute vacuum, and certainly not in human society. Blank-slate libertarianism does not exist. What poses as a blank slate is hardcore nihilism, militant and ignorant of the other side’s arguments.

Libertarian societies lack values. They proclaim freedom to be their value, but freedom is the absence of restraints, while values are restraints. Freedom is the opposite of values.

Libertarian societies abrogate values, and then abandon responsibility. They become quasi-socialist welfare states.

Libertarianism is not an honest intellectual position, but a rationalization of fear. No human being enjoys alien practices. Affluent people want to make the most use of their wealth, and reject values along with other behavioral restrictions. Affluent people fear for their wealth, refrain from violence, and don’t want to repress deviants. Encountering no resistance, deviants take over societies.