If the situation for Jews in America seems good and pogroms seem impossible, think of early fourteenth-century Poland. It was a copy of twentieth-century America: religiously tolerant, accommodating to Jews, with many prosperous Jews occupying high positions. Until the early thirteenth century, there was no anti-Semitic incitement in Poland. The squall of anti-Semitism on the Internet today doesn’t look small when compared to Catholic incitement in medieval Poland.

Jews, obviously, did not start settling in countries hostile to us; all countries were initially welcoming. Jewish communities flourished everywhere from Tehran to Kiev, and entire generations were born and passed away without fear of persecution. In all countries, strong governments protected Jews just as they are protected today in America. The problem started when the economy went sour, governments became weak, and states became embroiled in domestic and external conflicts.

Polls indicate anti-Semitism in America is two to three times higher than in Britain. And if you thought that the British were not anti-Semites, consider how they colluded with Germany in the Holocaust. Germans could not have carried out the catastrophe without the full support of Britain, which closed the world to refugees. Despite the Mandate for establishing a Jewish homeland, Britain barred the refugees from the only country which was willing to accept them. The often-cited reason of the Arab outcry is absurd: since when are the British concerned with aboriginal opinion? No place for the fleeing Jews was found in the vast British Empire. More, Britain pushed the governments of Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey to close their escape routes. And Britain arrested Joel Brandt who came from the cold with an offer to save a million Jews.

The American establishment has copied many Old World mannerisms, anti-Semitism among them. That sentiment is especially strong among the diplomatic corps. Strangely enough, I hear often that America lacks a history of anti-Semitism. Indeed. Just thirty years ago, many American clubs were closed to Jews. Liberals fought that, and Meir Kahane welcomed the separation; like any honest rabbi, he wanted Jewish isolation. Anti-Semitism is as strong in America as in Europe; the only difference is that the relatively young and dynamic American government has felt no need yet to institutionalize the hatred of Jews.

Jewish liberals influence anti-Semitism in several ways. They arouse the discontent of conservative Americans (not to be confused with amorphous political conservatives) by bringing down traditional values: religion in school, the heterosexual family, and non-discriminatory racial distinctions. They arouse hatred and fear by spearheading Jewish assimilation: gentiles don’t want us to assimilate and become untraceable among them. The Holocaust was largely a response to Jewish assimilatory movements: Germans, like anyone else, don’t want Jews to intermingle with them.

Liberals failed to destroy racial and similar preferences, which presumably prop up anti-Semitism. The whites’ response to the forced integration of American schools was flight into the suburbs where schools were free of black children. It is impossible to extinguish xenophobia because it benefits groups; evolution has made it a part of the human cognitive framework.

The liberals succeeded in diminishing opposition to evil. Anti-Semitism, like other variations of hateful behavior, is the province of relatively few; the majority doesn’t care. By their tirades and actions against hate speech liberals enhance the majority’s tendency not to oppose evil. Their rhetoric does not affect hardcore haters, but makes the majority incredibly soft, unwilling to employ violence even to oppose evil. They refuse even to criticize evil; try speaking to them about Muslim terrorists or Palestinian enemies.

The liberals fully accept the fact that their goals are detrimental to Jews. Jewish liberals marched against apartheid in South Africa, the only state in the world genuinely friendly to Israel; they brought up a predictably anti-Semitic black establishment in Africa’s most influential country. In 1967 and 1973, liberals screamed against Israeli preemption in the face of imminent attack. In 1944, 1948, and 1973 they did not march to the White House to demand support for fellow Jews threatened with annihilation; they expend much more effort on some exotic endangered species of cockroaches.
The liberals go against any sensible definition of Jewish interest—indeed, against the very goal of Jewish survival—by pushing for the peace process.