“Then the LORD your God will turn your captivity, and have compassion upon you, and will return and gather you from all the peoples, where the LORD your God has scattered you… And the LORD your God will bring you into the land which your fathers conquered, and you shall conquer it.” Deuteronomy 30

It is a commandment for Jews to live in the Land of Israel. Regardless of the Talmudic prohibition against returning here by force, a statement beloved by Satmar and Netorei Karta, there is an explicit commandment to return, conquer and settle this land. Whatever the Talmud imagines, that commandment is perpetual rather than time-bound. Only in the Land of Israel can Jews lead a normal life without calibrating their actions to gentile preferences. Only in our own country we can live as free people—free, that is, to live as we wish. If that sounds strange, ask yourself why every country has fought foreign aggressors instead of quietly submitting to their rule.

It is unnatural for a nation to live under foreign dominance, whether we’re talking of Russians ruled by Germans or Jews ruled by well-wishing Americans. Some of our worst problems have been caused by well-wishers. Antiochus Epiphanus sought Jewish good by making us equal to his Greek subjects. In the nineteenth century, Russians, Germans, and Austrians wanted to make Jews good by forcing them to study secular subjects in Jewish and state public schools. Americans think they are doing us good by opening WASP society and its establishments to Jews.

Before the eighteenth century, gentiles allowed us to dwell alone in their countries. Jewish administrative autonomy included religious practice, marriage issues, education, and courts—sometimes even with the power of capital punishment, which the rabbis employed regardless of the Sanhedrins’ absence. Christian rulers realized they could not integrate us into their societies. Secularization prompted forced integration in the manner of Antiochus. Progressive Jews worked with secular authorities to destroy traditional Jewish communities and open them to innovations. Today, American Jews enjoy far less religious freedom than in almost any country, Christian and Muslim alike, four centuries ago. New York police actually investigate Jews for cruelty to animals because of the kapparot sacrifice, and animal rights groups want us to revise shehitah slaughter. American religious Jews have no courts, not even jurisdiction on family matters. Secularism tramples Judaism, but we have no right to a Maccabean revolt in the Diaspora.

We need to go home where we at least can deal properly with those who subvert Jewish values.

havdala - Jewish ritual isolation