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Legal crime

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On March 23, 2007 @ 12:51 am In anti-government | 7 Comments

People who break the law for political reasons are not criminals. They act perfectly legally: they deliberately break a law and suffer the legally prescribed punishment. Their actions remain within the legal system. The proper question is, do they act morally? The Jews who sabotage Israeli government are not doing so for personal gain or base motives, but for the highest ideals of Judaism as they see it. They act out of the best motives sanctioned by Jewish society. Basic law takes precedence over derivative laws. Moral basis of the society is the highest common law. Conservative Jews are right to break the technical laws in order to sustain the moral basis of legal authority in the Jewish state.

America long developed the doctrine of freedom of expression [1] which goes beyond the mere speech. Actions like civil disobedience, though technically illegal, are lawful because they immediately serve the higher purpose of free political debate. Society could live with traffic violations and blocked roads, but political freedom is indispensable. Israel not only restricts political expression, but also censors free speech. Western supporters of Israel should know that that country is more totalitarian than many Soviet bloc countries. America does not protect public figures against libel and invasion of privacy because of the great public interest in exposing the wrongs of political establishment. Israel bans many types of critique of public figures and policies. Liberal countries relax the protection of public figures compared to commoners; Israel provides the high-level scoundrels stricter protection than the general public. Jews are jailed in Israel for peaceful protests, criticizing the government, writing articles and pronouncing phrases which fall incredibly short of “calling ‘Fire’ in crowded theatre.” Arguing against the government policy of concessions to Arabs is a punishable offense. Moshe Feiglin was [2] sentenced on the charges of rioting which include “disrespect to the state” and “arousing discontent.” Numerous students were sent down for criticizing the government. Israeli police hunts the political enemies of the establishment.

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