The left are inherently inimical to Jewishness. Leftism is about rationalism, changing societies, and questioning dogmas. Judaism is unchangeable, dogmatic, and irrational. What rational person would believe that God spoke from a mountain? What rational man would cling to three-thousand-year-old rules merely because tradition attributes them to God?

Really, our Jewish views are indefensible. It is so easy to ridicule them on rational grounds. That what faith is about—unquestioning belief.

Jewish faith passes the test of a scientific theory: a hypothesis is offered, and accepted if it is simpler than other hypotheses to that end and doesn’t contradict the observed facts. Jewish monotheism is the most straightforward religious doctrine in existence, and no commandment contradicts the observed facts of human mentality or social processes. An honest leftist would accept Judaism as a policy.

The left does not care about ends; they mostly enjoy the means. Note how the Western leftists changed their sympathies from Nazis to Communists to Vietnamese to Arabs to endangered species. The only thing common among those attachments is the desire to change the existing order of things, and preside over the introduction of a new one. Leftism is about power, and power is best demonstrated by repression, whether of entrepreneurs in leftist Russia or religious Jews in Israel.

Once Judaism is rejected, Zionism becomes racism and robbery. Jews believe themselves different from others due to Judaism; if there is no Judaism, the baseless assertion of one’s difference amounts to racism. If Jews have no right to Hebron, where Abraham purchased a land plot and a burial place, where David had his capital before conquering Jerusalem, then what is the Jewish right to Tel Aviv? The left’s policy of giving up Hebron but holding on to Tel Aviv amounts to this: we’re moral people because we steal only a little; we steal from Arabs in the Tel Aviv area but not Judea. According to Judaism, we’re the rightful owners of this land in its entirety; according to the left, we’re small-time robbers at best.

There is no way leftism can be reconciled with Jewishness. Which of them should we ban in Israel?

Leftism against Judaism