Jews with siege mentality are expected to hate mostly everyone; such attitude is documented for prisoners with a similar mental disorder. Israeli leftists otherwise fit the profile: they are paranoid about settlers and the right threat in general, and strongly identify themselves with the source of threat, Arabs. Curiously, leftists indeed exhibit pervasive hostility; most hate Arabs. Recall Rabin’s hysterical order to break hands and legs of Palestinian protesters during Intifada. Brainwashed schoolchildren detest settlers and religious Jews, but also hate Arabs. Leftists in general care little about the objects of their compassion – witness how few days Chomsky had spent in Vietnam – but Israeli Left, driven by siege mentality, hate Arabs to an unusual degree. The right-wingers, on other hand, recognize Arabs as an objective enemy.

Left governments expanded the settlements no less than the right governments, political correctness being the only difference: leftists beefed up the existing settlements rather than increasing their number. Leftist governments presided over all major wars, except the Lebanon conflict, and bombed Arab civilians no less than the right governments did. Leftist governments opposed the Palestinian state, partition of Jerusalem, and return of the Arab refugees.

Earlier leftists were more sensible: Zvi Berinson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence called Israel a “Jewish and democratic” state. Ben Gurion struck out “democratic” and left Israel a Jewish state.