Israeli Minister of Defense Perez is going to discredit the IDF again with the invasion of Gaza. The army will do its job brilliantly, but the whole world will scream and no goal will be achieved. Even a very strong army cannot win without a realistic political objective.

The Israeli ruling clique suffers from political schizophrenia, sending troops while talking peace. Tanks are used to fight wars, not to thwart radicals in otherwise friendly states. The conflict in Gaza could be termed war, civil war, or insurrection. That doesn’t matter. A country torn by our tanks is not a peace partner. It is a victim or an aggressor. Either way, the Israeli attitude is wrong.

What does Perez hope to accomplish in Gaza? If Hamas stops shelling Sderot, other Palestinian guerrilla groups will continue sending suicide bombers. If Israel destroys hundreds of buildings that house Hamas and kills scores of them, the buildings will be rebuilt soon and new members will join. Israel cannot prove that the Palestinians she kills belong to Hamas, and many undoubtedly do not; an international outcry is certain. Trying to save enemy civilians to win the PR campaign, Perez will send Jewish soldiers to death in urban warfare. WWI should have taught that nothing short of total destruction breaks a determined enemy. Perez did not learn that lesson.

Hamas reportedly considered stopping the rocket barrages in return for Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. That deal is unfeasible for Israel because it let Hamas dig in at border areas, much as Hezbollah did in Lebanon. Hamas will prepare firing positions outside population centers to prevent Israeli retaliation. The world does not care that the truce is only a ruse and pressures Israel to accept Hamas’ offer. Not surprisingly, Perez rushed the last-minute effort against Hamas, just as he escalated the Lebanese war in the final two days. Worthless.