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Leaving the Jewish dream

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On August 15, 2007 @ 11:56 am In peace process | 9 Comments

The Jewish state is being wound down. Jews shocked the world with their valor in 1948, with their military prowess in 1967, and with their might in 1973. At that time, Israel had reached its highest point—zealous, holding on to Judea, Samaria [1], and the Sinai, and in possession of a huge military advantage over its Arab enemies. Those things came to pass.

Sinai, the ultimate protection against Egypt, is lost for a piece of paper with a transient peace treaty printed on it. Arabs and Slavs have flooded Israel, and together form the majority (among the young) that seeks to abandon Judea and Samaria. Arabs purchase more American weapons than Israel, and the second Islamic country is now ready to produce a nuclear bomb.

Arab spirit has rebounded. They found they could beat Jews through negotiations rather than war. Israel feebly asks to exchange tracts of Israeli land populated by Arabs for similar tracts of Palestinian land [2] hosting Jewish settlements. The Palestinians refuse. They prefer to evict the Jewish settlers [3] and keep the Arabs in Israel to breed and eventually vote the Jewish state out of existence.

Arab countries ignore Israel’s peace overtures [4], but could not even grant Israel a pretense of peace. They know it’s temporary. Arabs breed in Israel, Jewish leftists push for an ethnic-blind state, the international community reverts to traditional anti-Semitism, and Arab states grow stronger. Saladin would be superfluous.

States belong to the most determined groups rather than to majorities. Jews are neither determined nor a majority in Israel.

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