Almost 60 years ago, a group of moral and reasonably compassionate Jews had to clear Arab guerillas from a stronghold. The stronghold happened to be a village. The Jews, regular soldiers from Palmach and zealots from Irgun, proceeded with their task. We know the results: about a hundred civilian casualties, a position cleared of guerillas, and approximately 600,000 Arabs gone, leaving Israel a Jewish state. Dir Yassin.

Among the dozens of Jewish soldiers, no one disagreed about the tactics or attempted to stop others from shooting women and children. The Jews were not politically correct. They were reasonable. They prioritized: the mission, their lives, others’ lives.  The Jews were not racists. They did not think themselves better, more moral or humane than their enemies. They fought on par. Civilians allowed the enemy to hide, and were not spared. Nor could they be. Jewish soldiers, not yet brainwashed by the leftist propaganda, acted out of common sense: better to be alive than humane.  

Practical humanism never required risking one’s life to spare the enemy, his compatriots, or supporters. European romanticism imposed many impractical moral ideals, but not the humanism of the sort promoted by leftists. To save enemy civilians at significant risk to one’s life is not humanism, but against human nature.  

The conclusions of Dir Yassin are paramount. Jews are not idealistic humanists the leftists picture them. Jews value their lives, and are ready to kill indiscriminately when necessary. Without the media-aware orders to the contrary, Jews will not spare enemy non-combatants when doing so jeopardizes the mission and their own lives. Leftist media and education brainwash Jews with idealistic humanism no nation ever practiced, and are directly responsible for the deaths of Israeli soldiers in urban combat in Palestine and Lebanon.  

Jews were never nice. They raged on just every nation in Sinai, and on the Canaanites. During the monarchy, the Jews incessantly fought the neighbors. Maccabees were inhumane, and Zealots, too. Jewish detachments from the diaspora which rushed to Judea at every tumult, killed Greeks on the way. Rabbis detailed horrendous capital punishments for mundane violations. Avraham Stern, a terrorist par excellence, eventually became Israeli hero. Jews do not want to be impractically humane. They prefer to be.  

We adjust language and manners to those of our interlocutors. We play according to the rules the other side accepts. Why should we be more humane than our enemies?  

Hezbollah shells Arab villages, and blew several hundred pounds mine under the Israeli tank without concern for collapsing the village. Al Qaeda blew the US embassies in Africa, inflicting hundredfold more damage on locals than on the Americans. When the Islamic guerillas do not care about their own people, why should Israel? And why, why the Jewish state should care more of the Lebanese civilians who hate her than of her own soldiers?  

We lost seven Israeli soldiers in the fight for Maroun al-Ras, a jerkwater Lebanese village. Hezbollah guerillas pulled the trigger, but the responsibility for deaths of the Jewish boys lies squarely upon the leftists who indoctrinated them with humanist nonsense and the politically correct establishment which sent them for urban combat. The soldiers’ parents bear responsibility for silently sending them to the immensely risky operations instead of protesting the politically correct military tactics. All of us are responsible for the deaths because for years we did not sufficiently oppose the doctrine of fighting with tied hands.  

In Dir Yassin, Jewish soldiers applied all the available firepower. In Maroun al-Ras, Israelis handicapped themselves. Peaceful villagers don’t fight tanks, and don’t kill four commandos. Civilians there had enough time to leave. Israel should not care about those who did not. If vacuum bombs and napalm save Israeli lives, use them.  

In fact, short brutal war is possibly less painful than protracted low-intensity conflict. Israel could finish the Lebanese war in a day or two, clearing the buffer zone with the barrage of fire, the moving wall of annihilating fire the artillery normally creates before the advancing friendly troops in battles. Israel could have scorched the earth. The people should be allowed to leave: we need a buffer zone, not Hezbollah’s easily replaceable casualties. That Israel needs boots on the ground to clear the bunkers is half-truth. We don’t need to clear the bunkers. We can clear the territory, and treat the bunkers with short-living chemical weapons.  

Israeli cities are shelled. Israeli civilians and soldiers die needlessly. Israeli government placates the world opinion which wants the Jews to fight like no other army ever did, or could.  

The victory will be Pyrrhic. Israel spends thousands times more than the guerillas. Kidnappings and bombings are inexpensive. Guerillas may continue to inflict tremendous costs on Israel – economic, if not military. Most of all, the victory will be unsustainable. Unless Israel shows now a considerable brutality – the language Arabs understand – new guerillas will replace Hezbollah, like it did replace the PLO.  

We won the War of Independence. The politically correct establishment makes us to lose yet another war in Lebanon.