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Learn to hate

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On September 17, 2009 @ 9:19 am In values | 12 Comments

We were afraid to hate in the Exile; Christianity, and later leftism, made hate unfashionable. Read Byalik on the Kishinev massacre, and learn to hate. Jews have a penchant for analyzing their enemies and trying to find a good reason for the enmity. Instead, do like all normal people do: hate those who hate you.

Do I hate Arabs? My best friend was in the Egyptian special forces during the war. He helped me several times, and I helped him. I know and respect the Arabs, and realize that they will not be lenient or forgiving.

Nothing has changed in human mentality. The twentieth century saw previously unimaginable massacres: Russian pogroms, Civil War, WWI and WWII, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Algeria and Vietnam, Afghanistan and Rwanda, and slaughter in the Iran-Iraq war. Humans kill, and smart humans hone their killing skills. Ideologies support killing on unprecedented scales. Artificial states need ideologies and prop them.
People put many things above lives, not only ideologies. Firemen, mountain climbers, and deep sea divers risk their lives for lesser things. Duelists were once abundant, and killed for minor causes dressed in terms of honor, until harsh police action stopped duels. Humans are not only bodies but also hearts and minds; life isn’t everything, but very little compared to ideas.

Jews are civilized and reasonable, but the 1967 victory made them disregard any Arab offers. The Gush Katif victory had a similar effect on Arabs.

Whatever we do, the world will criticize us. Anti-Zionism and anti-Israeli-militarism are euphemisms for anti-Semitism, and will stay. The world won’t be appeased, so act according to Israel’s needs.
Swedish pike men or Polish knight Yarema were so notoriously cruel that they caused the defenders to dissolve before meeting their fury. After years of indecisive fighting, Russians under Budennuy eradicated the Asian Basmach insurrection by burning the villages and massacring the population. In Palestine during WWI, Australians burned Surafend village, killing its male population and the neighboring Bedouin camp with clubs.

Cruelty to combatants, POWs, and civilians wins wars.

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