North Korea would be stupid (and it is not) to dismantle its nuclear program. That would fix the amount of aid at the currently proposed moderate level. The West would blackmail North Korea with cessation of aid over any incident or misbehavior. Sales of ballistic missiles or other military technology, questionable financial operations, even export of pirated CD’s could make a case for stopping the aid. The US ended the agreed-to aid over the North Korean violations, and that scenario is likely to be repeated. Instead, North Korea offers freezing the nuclear production but staying with the existing arsenals and continuing nuclear research in the facilities closed to inspection. That approach assures North Korea of the continued aid, to be increased in response to Korean advances in nuclear technology. Compare Pakistan and South Africa, a state with illegal nuclear bomb and a state that dismantled its nuclear weapons. Pakistan is way better off in terms of financial aid, military supplies, and political backing. Unpredictable North Koreans would be courted, if wielding nuclear power.
Westerners are rational: a good offer should be accepted. In the East, manners matter. Pride is valued above money. North Korea won’t trade its nuclear status (assuming it has tested a nuclear device) for aid. It might keep the nuclear status without significantly enlarging nuclear arsenals, but not refuse the weapon altogether.
But why the fuss about North Korea? Islamic Pakistan, run by military junta and fundamentalists, stocks dozens of nuclear bombs.