Europeans are concerned that Israel abuses Palestinian terrorists and their civilian supporters. Britain, for its part, dreams of Mandate days when it was master of Palestine and created states like Jordan or Iraq at whim. The British joined the EU initiative of sending observers to Gaza. To observe what? Hamas and the PIJ make no secret of shelling Israel. The observers are actually reporters, entertaining the world with one-sided stories of mad Jews shelling poor terrorist Arab villagers.

Europe is full of Muslims. No mainstream party can afford to alienate Muslim voters. On top of that, Europeans have never particularly liked Jews. Israel is perceived as a US beachhead in the Middle East, naturally opposed by the European powers. Everyone is fed up with Iraqi violence and wants to reduce fighting in the Middle East – at the Jews’ expense. Everyone is concerned with oil prices and wants closer relations with Arab oil racketeers – at the cost of Israeli security.

The EU wants to send peacekeepers to Gaza, technically and morally Israeli territory. Why limit peacekeeping to Gaza? Send European troops to patrol Jerusalem where Arab suicide bombers murder more people than in Sderot. Better still, herd Jews into a ghetto and guard us against the Arabs.

Faced with rampaging crime in New York’s slums, Giuliani flooded the place with police but also actively prosecuted scores of criminals. European observers, peacekeepers, and other supporters will guard their Arab enemies against Israeli retaliation.

Israel is not a Third World nation unable to handle itself and does not require European peacekeeping nannies in Gaza.