Welfare programs always have limited resources. The money Jewish organizations spend on Arabs, Blacks, and the like is, in effect, stolen from Jews. That money is taken from funds meant to help Jews who register for abortions, believng themselves financially unable to raise children. It is taken from shelters in Sderot schools and from Jewish hospitals. Arabs literally receive blood money from Jews—money that has cost Jewish blood. Aid to Arabs kills Jews in every sense; through the abortions that could be prevented with adequate financial assistance, by leaving Sderot children insufficiently protected, or by the lack of sufficient funds for medical treatment of poor Jews. That’s besides the money spent helping to breed more of our Arab enemies. That’s besides the breach of trust and fiduciary duty involved when Jewish organizations collect money from unsuspecting Jews and use it to help the enemies of Jews.

Humans, Jews especially, have no obligation to help outsiders. Zero. Did the world help us during WWII? The Americans did not bomb the death camps, the Arabs sided with Nazis, and the Africans didn’t care. Does any African nation supplies Israel with free uranium? Does any Arab country aid Jews with oil shipments? Why should we care about others? There are seven billion Gentiles on earth; let them help each other. Our foremost obligation is to our brothers and sisters. In practical terms, our only obligation is to them, because we can never help them enough.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are not spongers who live on Israel’s handouts. They have a black market economy of their own. State subsidies are a tiny proportion of their budgets. Private donations vastly exceed subsidization by the state.

Ultra-Orthodoxes receive much less in the way of subsidies than Arabs, who also don’t serve in the army and also engage in a black market economy—and hate Jews.

The Israeli state and the leftists are the last people who can accuse religious Jews of living on handouts. Zionism has been subsidized since its inception. Until now, the state of Israel has begged for US government aid and private Jewish donations. Religious Jews provided legitimacy for Israel, and today they provide much of the clout required to receive the aid.

On other hand, the Talmud (Brachot, Pirkei Avot, etc.) scolds the Torah scholars who don’t work for living.