The government’s restraint regarding the attacks on Sderot is a continuation of Zionist Judenrat attitude. During the Arab pogroms of the 1930s, Zionist leadership adopted a policy of restraint, and a passive defense of settlements. Such tactics allowed the Arabs to regroup and store weapons in the unchallenged safety of their villages, and left Jewish passersby easy targets for Arab saboteurs. When Etzel proclaimed an end to restraint and started actively targeting random Arabs, leading Zionists condemned its highly effective tactics as un-Jewish. It would be Jewish to die nicely.

Ben Gurion similarly resigned himself to the death of the six million (seven million, actually, as many of the Soviet victims were not registered Jewish). He refused to channel the money collected for Jewish settlement activities to ransoming Hungarian and Romanian Jews. Zionists not only didn’t pound on all the doors to push to save European Jews, but ostracized Hillel Kook, whose group did just that.
Zionist restraint has been dictated not by concern for Arabs, but hatred of Jews. During the War of Independence and for a decade afterwards, Ben Gurion repressed Arabs with an iron fist, expelled them, and condoned wholesale murder in Kfar Kasem.

Judenrat of Sderot

In 1976, incited by Jordan, Palestinians launched a Land Day. Israel’s military administration, duly warned of the upcoming pogrom, refused to send reinforcements into Hebron and the settlements, thus leaving Jews there to be murdered by rioting Arab mobs. The Jews defended themselves valiantly, but the army detachments only arrived after the fighting had subsided.

In 1994, again, the army knew that the Arabs were preparing a pogrom on Purim. During a meeting in military headquarters, Dr. Baruch Goldstein was told to arrange medical aid to Jews, but no reinforcements were brought into the city.

Prisoner exchanges show a similar disregard for Jewish lives. To gain media applause, Israeli political bosses free hundreds of Jew-murderers.

Assimilated Israeli leaders despise common Jews, who remind them of their own roots. Poor (Sderot) and religious Jews are detested still more. When there is an occasion to have them killed by Arab hands, Israeli leaders don’t object.