Why would not a Jewish-only Israel become an ayatollah state? For one, Israelis are more civilized than Iranians. For another, Judaism is not intrusive into private life, unlike Islamic fundamentalism. Besides, Westerners often over-react to the ayatollah culture. It is really not as bad as it seems from the outside. Iranians are unhappy with the ayatollahs’ failure to deliver on their economic promises, not with reasonably moderate religious practice. Iran is not a religious state like Saudi Arabia.

Iranians not content with fundamentalism have nowhere to go. Jews who want more secularism can move from Judea to Israel. In fact, it will be the other way around: religious Jews will move out to settle Judea.

I’m not a religious fundamentalist, and oppose the imposition of Talmudic legislation, yet I would be more comfortable in the State of Judea. Israel is ideologically bankrupt. Secular socialists have expunged all Jewishness from her. Judea, at least, will offer coherent ideology instead of the Israeli Jewish-ethnic-blind schizophrenia. Many young secular people voted for Kahane, and faced with hypocritical Kadima, many voted for national religious parties.

Americans cherish their metaphysical identity as the political beacon to nations. Don’t be surprised that Jews also want an identity.