Judea has to be moderately religious. Israeli leftists resent the religious Jews, accept their de facto autonomy, and many would gladly accept their exodus, though others would want to oppress the religious Jews in Israel. The world would protest a second Jewish secular state, but not a religious entity akin to the Vatican. Arabs and Israeli police alike would find it harder to attack Jewish refugees with hair locks than secular “mad settlers.” The religious Judea would be assured of evangelical support and the Vatican would concur.

Judea is a test ground for ultra-liberal society. A religious state won’t concern itself with earthly matters, thus Judea will be a free society. Judaism includes many sects: several strains of Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox, conservative, reform, reconstructionist, Karaite, and others. Atheist nationalist Jews will move to Judea from leftist Israel. Judea can only accommodate them by allowing communities full administrative autonomy, even significant legislative autonomy. Jews like Noar Gvaot who now live nomadic life on hilltops will opt for nearly anarchic communities while haredim will impose minute regulation in their towns.

The biblical system of autonomous communities governed by judges is the only viable political framework for Judea.