Judea, the second Jewish state in the West Bank, is assured of last-resort Israeli protection. Even the Jews who dislike the ultra-Orthodox won’t stand idle while Arabs butcher them. Israel would intervene to validate its claim to represent all Jews. Because of that claim, Israel will oppose the establishment of Judea, but once she is established, will extend her protection. If Israel is not the only Jewish state, then at least she is a Big Jewish Brother.

A large war between Palestine or Jordan and Judea would be unlikely for some years, and by that time Judea would have built a conventional army, possibly with a nuclear bomb. Religious Jews, ruthless toward their Arab enemies, will efficiently counter low-level guerrilla attacks. Israeli last-resort protection would only be deterrence, much like nuclear deterrence. The world believes Jews stand for each other, and the Arabs would find the Israeli protection of Judea credible.

Judea won’t have major economic trouble. Religious authority shouldn’t engage in economic regulation, though there is a danger of religious socialism. Judea can thrive as free market, zero-customs-duty economy. A religious government would likely misuse the money supply and cause inflation; Judea will be better off using foreign currency, whether Israeli, American, or Swiss. Ultra-Orthodox Jews accept extreme poverty and subsist on donations now; that state of affairs will continue in Judea. Most Orthodox Jews work productively. They can build a parasite economy in Judea thriving at the expense of overtaxed and over-regulated Israel, as Mexico does with the US. They can build a solid low-end economy with agriculture and basic factories.

Theocracies historically have survived longer than secular states because theological authority is closed to doubt and questioning by subjects. Secular Judea would eventually slither down into Israeli leftism, US populist democracy, or apartheid. In public opinion, only a religious state can exclude Arabs; secular states must be ethnic-blind. A secular government which imposes a strict moral code will be dubbed fascist, and ostracized. It is unlikely that great, honest rabbis would ascend to the helm of Judea, but even a rav like Ovadiah Yosef would rule Judea more sensibly than Olmert rules Israel.