I often hear that nonsense from Reform rabbis. I wonder where they studied Judaism. (Yes, I know many did not study at all).

Moses killed an Egyptian merely for beating a Jew. The Hebrews in the Sinai raged on almost every nation they encountered. A specific commandment requires Jews to exterminate the Canaanites rather than establish peace with them. Jews happily celebrate Purim, the remembrance of wholesale murder and looting of their enemies. Jews as happily celebrate Hanukkah, a victory of Jewish fundamentalists over the reformers of their day.

Judaism extends tolerance only to neighbors, members of the community who share the same basic values. There is no tolerance of enemies; killing enemies is specifically excepted from the prohibition.

The politically correct rabbis and leftists at the helm dislike real Judaism. Anything else, however, amounts to turning the other cheek, and with terrorism on the march, we will soon run out of cheeks.

I like Zen, a wise teaching. Be courteous, tolerant, and detached from events. That lets you prevail over the enemy, when necessary, with a clear head, without hate and efficiently.