Jews stay in Israel for love or money. The Socialist oligarchic economy leaves enterprising Jews with a fraction of salaries they can enjoy in the US. The Israeli government pressures the US into limiting work visas for Israelis to decrease emigration from Israel. Habits and personal connections keep many Jews from moving out of Israel, but in the end money matters. Ideology can stop emigration for a while, but the Israeli government deliberately expunges Jewish ideology. It brainwashes children in schools with dogmatic leftism and in the army with democracy. Even normal nationalism of the help-neighbors-kill-enemies kind is suppressed, likened to Slavic totalitarianism. Jews see no reason to stay in an Israel full of Arabs instead of moving to Toronto, which is full of much nicer Canadians. Twists of the government line made Israelis cynical and resistant to propaganda.

Just nineteen oligarchic families control more than half of the Israeli GDP. Elections have become an enterprise of fooling voters with media ads. Oligarchs finance elections. Politicians answer to oligarchs. Shadowy billionaires like Martin Shlaff lurk behind Israeli relations with Palestine and Lev Levaev lurks behind Israeli Russian policy. IDF presence in the West Bank gives Jewish oligarchs profitable monopolies, and both active-duty and retired security officers further the oligarchs’ interests abroad. A free market economy will produce independent businessmen who will sponsor right-wing parties; it will also bankrupt the oligarchic monopolies. Both government and big businesses resist economic liberalization.

Democratic, voter-dependent Israel can never abandon socialist welfare and ethnic-blind liberalism. A tiny fraction of Jews is motivated, but most moved from the USSR for economic advantages. They have no right to vote on the issues of the Jewish state. Israel has to switch from democracy to republicanism and create a free-market, Jew-only state. Any other entity would succumb to emigration.

jews vs emigrants. Lev Levaev and Jewish oligarchs