Jewish leftists apparently detest Gentiles. According to their logic, Gentiles must be evil brutes who have reveled in blood for their entire history. How so? Leftists reject the historic definition of normality and the way all states were created, and seek to build Israel in an unprecedented, moral way. By implication, all other nations are immoral.

All states were built on land already settled. All states exterminated indigenous populations: usually physically, sometimes through forced assimilation. Some countries, such as Italy and Ireland, passed that stage in antiquity, while others, notably the United States—very recently.
All surviving states brutally suppress independence movements. Very civilized Spain still fights the Basque separatists.

Successful states promulgate monoculturalism, usually centered on a particular religion or ideology. America offers the famous example of the melting-pot policy. States invariably fail when they allow dissent in core cultural matters. People want to live with neighbors, not aliens of bizarre habits. People defend familiar values, not those they find despicable. Dissent in core matters made citizens tolerant to aliens and eventually unwilling to defend their country.

No viable state ever tolerated a major divergent religious or ideological group which considered itself superior to others, had its own legal system, and proclaimed the aim of forcibly converting the others. Israel tolerates a huge Muslim population.

States fight their enemies wherever the military situation permits. No strong state ever tolerated border provocations by weak enemies without retaliating in full force. The US annexed a third of Mexico, ostensibly in response to border violence. Devastation of the enemy is not always possible; for example, Britain had to accept the independence of Ireland. But so far as the enemy could be subdued and was worth subduing, all countries did subdue their enemies. Israel uniquely bows down to the decades-long violence of its minor Palestinian opponent.

States depend on ideology to rally the people and on credible threats to deter their enemies. States therefore don’t forgo ideologically charged issues, lest the people doubt the ideology or the enemies doubt the credibility of their military deterrent. France and Germany fought incessantly over Alsace-Lorraine and the conflict is far from being exhausted. Yet Israel announces her readiness to give away the core Jewish land of Judea.

States use every opportunity to enlarge in terms of territory and influence. No state ever gave significant parts of its land to defeated enemies. But Israel transferred Gaza to the Palestinians.

No state ever hesitated to kill foreigners, including any number of civilians. Americans bombed Dresden, nuked Hiroshima, perpetuated civil war in Afghanistan to contain the Soviets, and jump-started civil war in Iraq for incomprehensible reasons. States are created and maintained in blood—preferably the blood of non-citizens or cultural aliens. Like it or not, that is the only way states operate. That is normal.

We, the Jews, want to be normal—like Americans. And we agree to the Palestinians being normal—like the Red Indians.