Leftists are not necessarily selfless philanthropists. Just like other people, they sue in court those who infringe on their property, and they refuse to open their houses for free use by the needy. Yet the leftists demand that Israel give her land away to Arabs and allow Arab migrant workers into Israel. Leftists routinely defend property, but they don’t view the land of Israel as Jewish property. Land is unquestionably an asset, so in effect the leftists have no notion of Jewishness. Rational leftists don’t comprehend the subtle, irrational concept of Jewishness. The land is equally fine with them whether in Jewish or Arab hands. Talking to Jewish leftists is as senseless as trying to convince Polynesians: both have no idea what Jewishness means. For both, the Jewish nation is not a matter of property rights.

Some leftists identify themselves with Jews. Though they lack the notion of Jewish property, they understand the idea of “my property.” They defend the land as their own asset. Good enough. Still others resent being bullied by the West into making concessions to Arabs. That’s also an acceptable motive. Generally, however, leftists multiply their cowardice by the absence of a goal to struggle for, and sue for peace—at any price to the Jews.