Israeli Arabs routinely assault Jews even in ostensibly Jewish enclaves such as Jaffa. It is a rare Jew who ventures to drive through an Arab village in Israel nowadays. In a recent Independence Day incident, some 6,000 Arabs waving PLO flags were on the verge of attacking 150 Jews in the Megiddo forest. Assaults are just the tip of the iceberg. Its main body, the part submerged under the surface, consists of pro-PLO demonstrations, street violence over imagined infringements of Arab sovereignty over the Temple Mount, and religiously motivated crimes. The iceberg’s foundation is discontent with losing the land to the Jews, hatred decreasingly diminished by fear, and growing Arab nationalism. The left provokes Israeli Arabs with concessions ranging from affirmative action, to benign treatment by the police and the civil administration, to removing any signs of Jewishness from laws and state symbolism.

That’s good. Under a strong and oppressive government, Israeli Arabs will erupt and the Jews will drive them out.