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Jews are occupiers, but so what?

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On April 16, 2010 @ 9:34 am In History of Palestinians | 6 Comments

Jews wrongly refuse to acknowledge themselves as occupiers in Palestine. Occupation need not be unjust; often, it is rooted in rights and necessities. Many Jews would have loved to have their state in France, and settled in Palestine because Arabs are easier to crush than the French. The current Israeli consensus on abandoning Judea and Samaria proves that Jewish religious and historical reasoning holds no value for most Jews; why expect it to hold weight with Arabs? True, the plains and coastlands of Palestine—the modern Israel—were empty two centuries ago. But Arizona, too, is near-empty; who thinks the Americans would accept Jews proclaiming their state in Arizona?

This nonsense about historical rights is counterproductive. It is easily disproved: how about the descendants of Canaanites returning to their ancient land? Or how about the Red Indians claiming North America? By dressing the issue of Israeli statehood in this moral garb, Jews take upon themselves unrealistic moral limitations in waging the war. Moral ends such as the WWII victory were often achieved by the most brutal means, but public opinion subscribes to the superficial notion of moral ends calling for moral means. European immigrants to America didn’t implore the Native Indians to pity the religious refugees or try to prove their “right to exist.” There is no such right, as scores of exterminated tribes and nations without statehood could testify. Israeli statehood is simply a matter of power: Jews had the power to enforce their wishes upon Arabs, but not upon Europeans, and so we carved a state for ourselves in Palestine.

If we abandoned this moralistic rhetoric, Jews would be able to fight for our state just like every other nation fought for its state: without the least regard for the moral constraints intended for peacetime relations between neighbors. Bereft of the leftist moralism, which has nothing to do with the practical values of Judaism, Jews would stop twisting their brains over irresolvable matters such as ethnic-blind democracy in the Jewish state. Every nation that ever sought statehood exterminated or expelled the aborigines first, and only afterwards proceeded to build a democracy. No state is ethnic-blind; even the United States has immigration quotas for various nationalities. No country at war, or whose identity is threatened, offers equal rights to all. In 1939, the British banned land sales to Jews who legally resided in Palestine; why cannot Israeli Jews ban land sales to Arabs?

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