Leftists argue that Israeli Arabs pose no threat to Jewish character of the state because they are so few. Forget the real demographics – 32% Arabs in the 0-9 age group – for a moment. Ignore even the leftists’ hypocrisy: they concede the Arabs democratic rights because Arabs are too few to exercise them. Nazi Germany was a democracy, but it repressed minorities.

Modern democracy is usually liberal or republican which means that basic rights and freedoms of minorities are protected. Blacks are few in America, but the country is not called “a White state.” Likewise, Israel cannot call herself a Jewish state without violating republican rights of Arab minority. Israeli policies are racist: national anthem mentions Jews only, the Law of Return applies only to Jews, Independence Day celebrates victory of Jews against those who became Arab citizens of Israel. If Jews and Arabs are equal citizens, if both’ rights should be respected, if both have valid claim to the land, why did the Jews audaciously displaced the Arabs in 1948? Why did the Jews disrespect Arab rights with massive immigration to Palestine? Why did the Jews form Israel where the concept of tribal sovereignty entitled Arabs to a Palestinian state from Jordan to seashore?

During the 1975 “Zionism is racism” resolution deliberation in the UN, Israel agreed that she discriminates against Arabs, but argued for the ultimate morality of establishing a state for stateless Jews. Racism for a reason is still racism. Israeli reasoning does not hold: Jews are allowed to live in Israel according to our laws and theoretically without fear; founding of the state exhausted the moral debt owed to the Jews. Moreover, Arabs could not be asked to pay the moral debts of European Christians who persecuted the Jews. Discrimination of Arabs cannot be justified on moral plane, but only on religious grounds which secular Israel rejects – or by racism, a sensible feeling unacceptable to democratic government.

Institutional lie, a statewide hypocrisy are not sustainable policies. Unless Israel drives Arabs out, she would have to formally renounce her symbolic Jewishness.