Is there a reason for secular Jews to attach themselves to Jewish people? No reason at all. There is no reason to be Jewish other than being religious. On the contrary, one first becomes religious, and consequentially associates with Jews. And just how does one become religious? By realizing the improbability that the wondrous human mind and body were developed by random mutations. Or by asking himself, how come we see no evolution whatsoever during the entire “excavated history,” only minor adaptations. Or by considering, how is the Big Bang, when no time and space existed, different from the Creation myth.
That’s in theory. In practice, many people first become Jews and then become religious. They become Jews as a matter of nationalism, and subsequently search for a cementing ideology. Judaism provides such ideology.

Why take on the Jewish nationalism rather than any other? Because Jews are smarter and more ethical than any other nation. But most importantly because Jews are different. Many people just want to be different from those around them, and Jewishness is a scientific theory which establishes such difference. I, for one, never felt any attachment to the Christian crowds around me. Once a person of Jewish lineage opens his eyes and realizes that those around him are the direct descendants of those who murdered his relatives, who refused to lift a finger to save his brothers from extermination just decades ago, who accepted the Arabs murdering his brothers in 1948 and 1967, and who would murder himself should the occasion arise, it’s hard to associate with them. Regrettably, there’s not enough open hostility to Jews in America, a fact that allows many Jews to try to forget who they are.

Eventually, secular Israelis might have no choice but to embrace a degree of religion. In any other framework, they are thieves who took the land from the Arabs. If Abraham did not buy the land in Hebron, if Jacob did not conquer Schem, if God did not give us this land, then what is the Jewish right to Tel Aviv? So the secular Jews either have to pronounce themselves to be brutal and dishonest conquerors of Arab land, or ask for the Arabs’ forgiveness by allowing them into Israel and assimilating with them. In practice, secular Jews might embrace the third option, that of their religious right to the land.

Jewish religious nationalism