One positive thing about indecisive Western ramblings about nuclear testing is that it bugs North Korea. So the communists threaten with another test. Good. The more they test, the less they will have for sale.

And sell it would. North Korea is desperate for money and a place in the international arena; the image of Herostratus is better than none. A state that sold the nuclear bomb which exploded in Manhattan is assured of a place in history.

North Korea calls political pressure an act of war. By any diplomatic standard, the West’s actions are not a casus belli. North Korea doesn’t need a state of war nor could its ramshackle economy sustain a war. If, however, North Korea sold nuclear weapons to terrorists, it needs to exonerate itself. If North Korea expects to be accused of a nuclear first strike, then declaring defensive war is reasonable. In such a scenario, nuclear North Korea is defending itself by abetting Muslim terrorists, not starting a nuclear war against the United States. By “physical measures” North Korea means not an attack per se but facilitating a nuclear terrorist attack.