Palestinian state will certainly be created. Israel will either dismantle Jewish settlements or allow her Jews to continue living in Palestine, if they wish to. Then the Palestinian mob and terrorists will do the job of Israeli police, and evict the settlers. Given tactical difficulties of forcefully evicting a quarter million hardened Jews from the settlements and paying compensations for their housing, Israeli government could prefer stay-if-you-wish scenario, and leave the right-wing Jews, unwelcome in Israel, behind the enemy’s lines. Palestine only needs do adopt a law that prohibits foreign ownership of real estate or limit the term of visas issued to Israelis to drive the settlers out of Palestine. Renouncing Israeli citizenship and temporarily accepting refugee status in Palestine before thrusting to form Judea is the only option for Jews to stay in the territories.

Israel only bans its citizens from the settlements, not Arabs or foreigners. Fearsome Israeli settlers should become stateless Jewish refugees and apply for UNRWA protection, to the very agency that maintains Palestinian refugee camps. Palestinian refugee camps existed for decades, and so could Jewish. Israel cannot expel stateless Jewish refugees from the settlements because they refuse to move to another state, Israel. It cannot destroy their homes in settlements because they have nowhere to go. Israel can legislate nothing about stateless people who live on the land Israel recognizes as foreign. Whatever flimsy legal pretext Israel had for removing its citizens from Palestine doesn’t apply to non-citizens.

Jewish settlements automatically become refugee camps, and the Jewish property there protected under the Israeli or Palestinian international obligations toward refugees. Settlers could renounce Israeli citizenship even before Israeli government transfers their land to Palestinians and continue to live there because the Jews are automatically allowed Israeli residence regardless of citizenship.

Israel is a golem of clay. It subsists on myths. Its central myth is about being a Jewish state. That legacy allows Israel to receive money, tolerance, goodwill, and support. Hundreds of thousands of Jews willingly stripping themselves of Israeli citizenship will undermine Israeli claim of a Jewish state. Jews prefer to live in refugee camps under Arab jurisdiction rather than in leftist, defeatist, anti-Semitic Israel – now that’s a scandal that will shatter the golem.

It took Sharon’s determination to raze Gush Katif. Every candidate for prime minister is way weaker than Sharon, but the government has to evict twenty times more Jews than in Gush Katif. Army, demoralized by Lebanon beside other failures, and police beset by corruption allegations are not reliable as two years ago. Gush Katif proved a failure in terms of peace process, and security forces might not be enthusiastic about large-scale eviction. Mass campaign of abandoning Israeli citizenship might force the government to hold on to Judea and Samaria.

If Israel retreats from the territories, the army will, officially or otherwise, leave settlers some weapons. Immediately after the threat of Israeli police raids goes away along with Israel, settlers can buy automatic weapons from Arabs – cheaper than they currently pay for pistols in Israeli shops. Palestinians won’t attack stateless Jews’ settlements with artillery, but only with light firearms up to RPG’s. The settlers can counter that. Israel won’t shrink from the last-resort protection of fellow Jews. The British scenario, inciting Arab attacks on Jews to prove the Jews are incapable of forming a state, is an option only to an extent. Israel will surely try it to remove settlers’ competition to its role as the only legitimate Jewish state, but once the efforts to push out the settlers fail, Israeli public opinion will side with fellow – if religious – Jews against the Arab enemy. Attacks on Jewish settlements will endanger PLO-Hamas finances because the major donors, EU and US will decry the attacks at least rhetorically. In the worst-case scenario, settlers – as any Jews – could always and immediately receive Israeli citizenship and move behind the Green Line.

As any Jews, settlers are entitled to live and work in Israel. Though stateless, they retain Israeli employment opportunities and therefore healthcare benefits and pension.

Israeli citizenship law doesn’t establish straightforward procedure for abandoning it voluntarily. Jews can publicly tear Israeli passports to perform an act of expatriation.

How odd is to prefer Arab jurisdiction to Israeli one? Jews never had a state in recorded history; semi-mythical monarchy ended in the sixth century B.C.E. Afterwards, Jews enjoyed merely administrative autonomy, often less than Islam offers to dhimmi. Still, Jews thrived religiously and economically. Leftist Israel where Arabs breed to become a majority is a dead end; stateless autonomy under Palestinian rule is a springboard toward Judea.

Living in the territories under whosever jurisdiction in dhimmi status is more Jewish than in the socialist Israel. UNRWA will provide Jewish refugees with better protection than Israeli police that evicts them. Israel will find it harder to oppress non-citizens in the foreign land than Israeli citizens. Palestinian attacks on stateless Jewish refugees sound different than on Israeli settlers. Israel can evict its citizens from government-sponsored settlements with compensation, but cannot force stateless refugees of Jewish origin out of their only homes without major international scandal. By abandoning Israeli citizenship, settlers change from oppressors into oppressed. Israeli government establishes its legitimacy by claiming to represent all Jews; Jews who abandon Israeli citizenship destroy credibility of Israeli ruling clique, discredit its claim to power. And the good thing, the Jews could reclaim Israeli citizenship if things turn sour.

UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, article 1: refugee is “a person who… has a well-founded fear of persecution because of his… political opinion….” Jewish settlers express racist views punishable in Israel which are not specifically “acts contrary to principles of the UN” in the sense of article 1.F.c. Palestinian state will sign the convention because of the large number of Palestinian refugees, and even if it doesn’t, Jews there could still claim refugee rights common in the international law. Such rights include property ownership in any place (Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, articles 13, 26) and the right of association (article 15). Jewish refugees need not a permission to enter Palestine (art. 31).