The biggest threat to Israeli Jewish existence is neither religious, nor military: a Palestinian terrorist threat is negligible, and our nuclear option deters Arab states. The biggest threats are three: strategic, political, and economic.

On the strategic level, Israelis lose hope. They should be told honestly and clearly that they must not lose hope for peace—because they must not harbor any such hope in the first place. There will be no peace here, ever. Muslims will be always hostile, defense has to be always maintained, and Palestinians will engage in terrorism and sabotage. We shall lose no hope because there is no hope. This is the way of living here, among the sea of Muslims.

On the political level, Israelis lose the very thing that makes Israeli-ness, patriotism. Not surprisingly. Patriotism is attachment to the land of our ancestors. But media brainwashes the Israelis that Judea and Samaria is not our land and that the Arabs’ (therefore not our) ancestors lived here. Patriotism cannot base itself on the meek “but we too, need a place to live.” Israeli identity can only survive by becoming assertive—at the Palestinians’ expense. We cannot have peace, we don’t want peace, and we want this land in its entirety—as much as we can circle with our tanks. This is the only patriotism in existence among human beings.

On the economic level, Israel is a complete disaster. It took ingenious Jewish socialists and Jewish bureaucrats to defeat Jewish entrepreneurs. Jews are the best in good and evil alike, and evil Jews have prevailed. No patriotism can stand economic deficiency. Russians are extremely patriotic, but capitalism’s riches lured many of them to America. Israeli patriotism cannot stand the trial of net wages being four times lower than in America. The Israeli government lobbies America, Canada, and Australia frantically to enforce their immigration restrictions. The lousy economy threatens the very existence of Jewish people in Israel, as they would steadily emigrate and assimilate. There is no issue of reforming the Israeli economic framework—it must be demolished. Trade unions must be banned, a flat figure of 99 percent of bureaucrats fired, and regulation abolished rather than changed. This objective is immensely more urgent than worthless peace with the Palestinians or useless peace with Syria.

Israel's real threats