It is always dangerous to rely on a protecting empire: Jews tried that with Assyria, Rome, and Persia.
Fortunately, Israel need not rely on anyone: her arsenal of nuclear bombs, if wielded wildly enough, would force everyone from Tehran to Washington to behave to our liking in our region. No one would like the mad Jews to nuke the oilfields, and no one can do anything to prevent us from doing so. To be mad is easy and feasible: reduce the army to a level clearly insufficient for a conventional war and pass a law which mandates automatic nuclear strike over the enemy’s attack, mobilization, or nuclearization.

In terms of alliances, the American one is empty. Our earthly protector gives Egypt and Palestine more aid than us, supplies Arabs more weapons than us, and pushes us around diplomatically. Russia is better: it never pushed a client to suicidal peace with its enemies. Russia, if aligned with Israel, would be interested in our expansion rather than shrinking us into eight-mile-wide borders. Being a normal rather than professedly moral state, Russia would want its client to win rather than capitulate to defeated enemies. Russia would love to lure the proverbial American client and in a brink of an eye establish control over the Middle East.

Russia cannot give us as much aid as America in nominal dollar terms, but can match it in purchasing-power-parity terms because Russian weapons cost three to ten times less than comparable American systems; Russian weapons are not perfect, but they are good enough against Arabs. More importantly, Russian military support would be unwavering: the Soviet Union has been arming Egypt for years—and for free—before the US started meager deliveries to Israel at high prices. During the Yom Kippur war, Russia launched an airlift to Egypt on day one and brought nuclear missiles to its client’s defense, while the US Administration procrastinated until Israel decided the war with what weapons were available.

Israel the American client invokes no fear because everyone knows that Americans are slow to react. It’s totally different with Russia, which has no money to bribe its enemies and therefore chooses to fight, sabotage, or otherwise uproot them. Russia arouses a kind of raw-power respect among Arabs, and they would not dream of attacking Israel if we were a Russian associate. Palestinian and Lebanese terrorists, Syria, and Iran would suddenly become nice to Israel. It is not nice to join thugs, but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. The Maccabees were more practical: they had no qualms about switching from the progressive Syro-Grecians to the relatively barbarous Roman thugs.

True, Russians are anti-Semitic, but so were the Romans and so are the Americans. It was a joint Anglo-American-Russian decision to refuse to ransom a million Jews from Germany. All the Allies refused to announce the ongoing Holocaust during their radio broadcasts into the occupied territories so that Jews might know and flee. America, Europe, and Russia condemned the Israeli attack on Osiraq. Jews have no friends, but our allies should better be mad.

Israel's ally: America or Russia?