Undoing historical developments in a matter of decades is a leftist delusion. A familiar example is the assertion that somehow the face of war, prevalent for thousands of years, has changed since WWII…or Vietnam, or Afghanistan, or whatever was the latest atrocious war.

Likewise, Jewish leftists want to imagine a new Jewish nation rising up in the colonized land of Israel, where tsabra Jews differ from their ghetto ancestors. Not in the least. The frightened Exile mentality didn’t go anywhere: from the mass grave-digging before our surprising victory in the war in 1967 to life in Sderot under fire. Jews take being murdered for granted, and submit to the governments complicit in their murder. Public mood swings from the desire to kill as many Palestinians as possible when military operations are successful to the desire to abandon them in their own state after major, if isolated, terrorist attacks. This is a typically Jewish bipolar disorder on a national scale.

Besides history, Jews have a rational reason for the continued ghetto mentality: in Israel, they are as insecure as in any Polish ghetto. Probably they are much less secure because there is no authority to intervene, if belatedly, in the worst-case scenario. Despite of its reputation as the fourth-strongest army in the world, IDF suffers from a major deficiency which devalues it to the level of a Belgian militia: the lack of staying power. Bereft of Sinai and soon of the Golan Heights, Israel simply lacks depth of defense. In modern mobile war, Jews cannot afford to lose a single battle, or they risk being wiped out. Size does matter, and minuscule Israel besieged by enemies is essentially a mega-ghetto.

In the open world, one cannot keep Jews Jewish forcibly like in the ghettos. The last time the world was open was the time of the Roman Empire: Jews could freely move out from Judea and settle safely just about anywhere. At that time, Judea had to compromise on the strictness of religious law in order to retain its Jewish population. Now that mobility is even higher, enforcing any values is not an option. For the first time, the Jews who remain attached to God will do so truly of their own volition.

Those Jews will be different, the first Jews to lose our Exile mentality.