A very small part of the Israeli Arab population is actively involved in terrorism, but not many are required. A handful of terrorists can disrupt the life of a small state. So far, the immense intelligence networks of Israeli security services intercept almost all the terrorists’ attempts, but the entire network will go down as soon as the Arabs develop some basic counterintelligence capabilities. When the PLO was butchering Israeli informants in the 1970s, the intelligence networks quickly evaporated. Israel’s successes in intercepting terrorists stem mostly from the tacit and overt cooperation of the terrorist bosses. They have grown rich and lazy, no longer want to fight Israel, and only need to show their supporters some ongoing activity. They welcome Israeli interception of terrorist attacks, as they don’t want to endanger themselves by allowing the confrontation to spiral.

The most dangerous Palestinians are the silent and contented ones. They consume massive Israeli subsidies, disregard Israeli law (tax evasion, grand theft, illegal construction), enjoy mind-boggling preferences (draft exemption), and breed to become a democratic majority. The number of Arabs in Israel increased by a factor of eleven since 1948. The moderate Arabs fool the Jews that they “only” want equality. But what makes a state Jewish if Arabs and Jews are equal there? True equality presupposes that the Law of Return applies to Jews and Arabs alike, that both (or neither) are mentioned in the national anthem. If Arabs constitute a third of Israel’s young, then the flag of Israel should be one-third Islamic green. If Arabs are equal, they should be allowed ministerial portfolios and assignments in the Ministry of Defense and Shabak, and they should receive their part of Jewish donations to Israel. And indeed, Arabs now receive part of the Israeli Bonds purchased by the common Jews in America.

Israeli Palestinians: from terror to security