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Israel without constitution

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On April 30, 2013 @ 9:50 am In democracy | No Comments

Liberalism poses a grave threat to Judaism. For atheists, many commandments and rabbinical rules are outright racist. For those who don’t accept the commandments’ divine origin and thus unquestionable morality, they indeed smack of intolerant xenophobia. Unless the Land of Israel is literally sacred, the commandments to exclude gentiles from our country are prime examples of xenophobia. Those who measure God with human standards, especially the never-practiced leftist fake morality, find God contradicting their falsehoods—and unacceptably intolerant. Politically incorrect phrases are already being censored from the translations of Jewish prayers, Talmud, and Shulhan Aruch. Liberal and cowardly Orthodox rabbis are only happy to ignore the inconvenient statements of faith.

Jewish liberals share with anti-Semites the agenda of eviscerating real Judaism, making it into a conformist, submissive copycat of a typical constitution. They don’t even realize that states promulgate nice constitutions after forming themselves in very illiberal, unconstitutional way. To embrace the impractical restrictions of universal human rights and brotherhood means abrogating the right to statehood: borders are the quintessence of xenophobia; if we don’t delineate between ourselves and other peoples, why make borders? Allow Mexicans to swarm the United States, allow Arabs to reside in Israel.
A liberal constitution is a peacetime document for an established state, but one that is being urged on Israel, who is still trying to shape her borders.

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