I do object to returning the territories, but not on religious or ideological grounds. Those grounds are important to me, but I know they are less significant for many other Jews. Returning the territories solves nothing. The Palestinians will fight for Jerusalem, for refugees, for reparations—and eventually for the evacuation of Jews from Israel, and why not? If Israel doesn’t blow up a bus in Ramallah for a bus in Tel Aviv, what precludes the Arabs from employing a cheap and efficient strategy of terrorism that, moreover, boosts their national pride?

Yes, Israel will be a garrison state, and there are no other options. No one knows how long Israel can survive like that, but the eternal Rome has also failed. The goal is to make the current life comfortable, and for that the garrison should rid itself of the enemy within, from Israeli Arabs. Religion is the only reason for Jews to stay in Canaan. Regardless of the inherent anti-Semitism, the Jews are safer in Arizona than in the Negev. Silly as that may sound to modern people, the Jews stay in Canaan because even the atheists among us somewhat believe that we were commanded to take over this land. There is simply no other reason. The Jewish state will continue for as long as divine will will have it. Would it be a century? A two? I don’t know. What is certain, however, is that the Jewish-Arab democracy will kill the Jewish state in thirty years, after the Arabs currently in the 0-9-year age group will dominate Israeli demography – and the Knesset.