Israeli Supreme Court overturned the “insufficiently harsh” sentence handed out to two minors who peacefully protested the Gush Katif eviction. The court’s decision came after the Lebanon war and barrage of rocket fire from Gaza proved the disengagement a failure and the teenagers – courageous and righteous Jews. American friends of Israel must know that they support a state whose courts apply fascist doctrine. No other form of government convicted minors for peaceful protests. The charge of endangering life on traffic thoroughfare was utterly false: the children burned mattresses to block traffic and drive attention to the fate of the evictees, a purely political protest. The fire was seen from afar and did not reasonably threaten safety of drivers. No driver complained. Astonishingly, the Supreme Court judge Rubinstein actually said, “We [the court] tend to lean toward conviction specifically because this dangerous illegal action was part of political and ideological struggle – and this must be uprooted.” Not in Nazi Germany or communist China – that was said in the highest court of the state of Israel.

Israeli state earlier brought criminal proceedings against dozens of Jews, including political activists and journalists, for defaming government officials. While the free world generally allows defamation of public figures based on doctrine of public interest, Israel protects bureaucrats better than common people. The defamation consisted for the most part of purely political accusations concerning Israeli annihilation of Jewish settlements in Gaza. The proceedings are based on legal statute inherited by Israel from the British Mandate Administration – the very laws the Jews fought against to achieve independence.
The two accused youths showed remorse to the court in order to receive lenient treatment. Their predecessors, the teenager fighters of Betar and Irgun, ascended the gallows, unwilling to ask the British Mandate court for clemency. They preferred death to conceding legitimacy to the enemy tribunal. Israeli Supreme Court is equally illegitimate entity.

fascism and stupidity in Israel

Avigdor Lieberman again proclaimed that he only calls for expulsion of the Israeli Arabs disloyal to the state. What is the loyalty? Arabs have every reason to be loyal to ethnic-blind democratic Israel – that is, the state envisaged by leftists, where the Law of Return is repealed, national anthem doesn’t mention a Jew, and the flag hosts internationally acceptable sickle and hammer. Lying Arabs could pledge loyalty to any state, but wholeheartedly – to the leftists’ Israel.
Suppose the Arabs are loyal to Israel. They cease hostilities. They only breed. One day they outbreed the Jews and, remaining loyal to democratic principles of Israel, vote it out of existence.

Russian cynics have the best line about the new Palestinian government. The Foreign Ministry called the Hamas-Fatah government “an important step in terms of consolidation of Palestinian factions.” Indeed. Palestinians consolidated around Hamas – on Hamas’ terms. The unity government demands partition of Jerusalem and flooding Israel with the descendants of the 1948 refugees. In the worst case, Palestinians intend the demand of refugees return for trade-off; alternatively, Israeli government could accept the demand in the expectation that few Palestinians preserved pre-1948 residency documents, anyway. Olmert or his equally infamous successor would offer the Palestinians outskirts of Jerusalem plus the Jewish heart, the Temple Mount, and cut short to the Palestinian state which reduces Israel to the beach area.