The Israeli government returns Judea and Samaria because Arabs are the majority there, and absorbing them into Israeli population is not feasible. Oddly, even leftists repeat that obviously racist mantra. By that logic, Israel should give away Galilee where the Arabs are also the majority in many places. Political changes follow demographics. Swapping land for Jewishness is no option; Israeli should not try to achieve Jewish majority at the cost of abandoning the territories populated by Arabs. One cannot keep amputating limbs to get rid of cancer. Gaza, Judea, Galilee—Israel will soon run out of limbs.

To preserve Israel’s Jewish character with an Arab majority is impossible. Whatever the constitutional safeguards of Jewishness, an Arab majority will revoke them. Even before Arabs become the majority, they will launch an anti-apartheid struggle. The Law of Return now applies to Jews; changed to apply to Palestinian refugees, it will immediately flood Israel with millions of new Arab citizens.

No demographic solution exists. Jews will not start bearing large numbers of children. Even if they did, that would change the cultural climate and make Israeli Arabs, who will see large families as fashionable, breed no less than Jews. The diaspora is exhausted, and no great aliyah is in sight. Even if significant anti-semitism erupts in the United States, American Jews will not move to Israel: without American support, it will be perceived as a dangerous place.

Peaceful responses are few. That Arabs will embrace even the basic tenets of Judaism is impossible. On several important and myriad minute issues, Islam runs contrary to Judaism. Israel could recognize Reformist conversions, step them up, and attract large numbers of half-baked Jews. More likely, Israel will opt for a cosmopolitan Middle Eastern democracy, though that leaves the question, Who needs such Israel anyway? There is already a cosmopolitan democracy that tolerates Jews, the United States. Why go to the trouble of establishing its bleak likeness in the Middle East? The solution is well known. When Greece wanted to preserve its Christian, and Turkey its Muslim, character, they exchanged populations. Regardless of the people’s will. After WWII, ethnic Germans were forcibly relocated from Poland and Czechoslovakia to Germany. The result is obvious: short-term inconvenience but long-term peace living comfortably among people of common cultural background.

The deportation of Arabs need not be unduly violent. Popular hostility and Jewish refusal to hire them as a stick and resettlement payment and property compensation as a carrot will do. During the abortive campaign for resettlement, the Kach party received letters from Arab villages that agreed to move provided Israel procures land for them elsewhere. Sohnut fulfilled its task of returning the Jews from diaspora to Israel, and now comes up with absurd proposals to justify its existence, like bringing Gentile immigrants to Israel to offset the growing number of Arabs. Instead, Sohnut could take care of the deported Israeli Arabs.

Keep Israel Jewish. Solve the otherwise unavoidable problem of an Arab majority. Make them go.