As successive US Administrations employ Old Europe’s cynical and corrupt approach to politics, their policies are twofold: pro-Israeli and anti-Jewish. US Administrations need Israel the bully to push Muslims into cooperation with America. But since US policies have lost the last shreds of morality, they work against everything that is Jewish in Israel. Thus the US demands the destruction of Jewish villages, the acceptance of Arab occupation of Judea and Samaria, and the abandonment of Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

It is very different with the American people. Public support for Israel in America is very high. Common Americans accept the Jewish right to Jerusalem and Judea, and agree to Israel’s overwhelming use of force against the Arabs. Jews and Americans have much in common, though not the absurdities trumpeted by the Jewish Diaspora barons.

Democracy is inessential to Jews and Americans alike. Both nations are values-oriented. Americans fought a civil war in large part over the issue of slavery instead of democratically allowing the South to continue with it. America commonly takes leadership in international affairs rather than seeking democratic solutions through the UN. In Judaism too, democracy takes a second place to values: “You shall not follow the majority to evil.” Ancient Athenians could theoretically pass any decision democratically; Jews and Americans have doctrinal safeguards against such voting. Neither is tolerance a shared Jewish and American value. In fact, our nations are fairly intolerant. Europeans tolerated the Nazis until Germany swallowed them, but the US proceeded to fight the evil as a matter of principle. After four decades of leftist brainwashing, the majority of Americans still oppose homosexual families. Americans are religious, if superficially. So are adherents to Judaism.

Anti-Semitism exists in America, as in every Christian country. Polls indicate that anti-Semitism among Caucasian Americans is lower than in Europe. The real difference, however, is institutional. Americans lack a history of restricting the Jews. Americans are inbued with the idea of institutional equality. Anyone may dislike Jews, but almost everyone treats us as equals.

Jews and Americans share messianism. Both nations believe in their unique role as a beacon to mankind. Both nations act on this belief consistently. Americans see themselves as an example of liberty; Jews see themselves as an example of morality. Our roles are compatible. The British-American liberty was formulated on the Sinai; American liberty inherits the Torah’s values. That is not libertarianism, but a rigid system of moral values. Morals are regulated; in everything else, the people are free. Jews and Americans consciously developed their doctrines and made them the reason for their national existence.

Israelis and Americans share history. Both our nations encountered lands settled by hostile aborigines. Both offered them coexistence, which was beneficial for the aborigines. Both were forced to kill and repress the aborigines, and eventually took over their land. The most enterprising Europeans left the Old World for America. The most zealous Jews left Europe to settle Palestine. Both countries, after they succeeded initially, were deluged by ideologically neutral immigrants who lacked the settlers’ pioneer mentality. Israel admitted Arabs and Slavs, America accepted Mexicans; both countries shrank from proudly pronouncing themselves different and refusing the newcomers of alien mentality.

Israel and America are both strangers: in the Middle East and the world, respectively. Arabs are zealous and ill-wishing toward Israel, Europeans feel the same way about America. Both dominate and face perpetual military conflicts. Terrorism threatens both Israel and America, albeit to a degree that is unimportant statistically.

We just need to get rid of our governments.

Israel and America