Israel’s situation with her Muslim minority is critically different from those of France, Germany, or Spain: size does matter. Nowhere else does a coherent minority number one fifth of the population—and growing. Like in a nuclear chain reaction, there is a threshold in societal relations: a minority which remains reasonably loyal at 1-2% of the population grows combustible at 20%.

The Israeli situation is worse than that in Northern Ireland. Irish people are mostly confined to their province; very few live in England. Israeli Arabs heavily encroach on Jewish towns. Wherever Arabs rent an apartment, Jewish families move out of the building. More Arab families move in, taking the towns block-by-block. Americans familiar with their inner cities would recognize this situation.

Worse than Hispanics in the United States, Israel Arabs have political associations with their homeland. Mexican-Americans are distinct from other Americans, but at least they have honestly renounced their old motherland and want neither to return there, nor for it to conquer the United States. Israeli Arabs also don’t want a bi-national state from Jordan to the Mediterranean; they don’t want an influx of their poor brethren who would deprive them of jobs. Palestine, however, remains a rallying cry for them, at least in theory. And it fans their national ambitions, consolidating their votes for Arab anti-Jewish parties.

Israeli Arabs have the advantage of a territorial base. Off-limits to Jewish law enforcement, Israeli Arab towns host all kinds of subversive organizations engaged in incitement against the Jewish state. They provide a place for Arabs to openly and fearlessly talk against Jews, a place where Judophobia is politically correct.

Israel lacks the common European advantage of an established culture. Muslim immigrants to France know what they are choosing in terms of culture. They respect and often admire French culture, which is both distinctive and attractive. The Zionist state did away with traditional Jewish culture, and has none of its own. Instead of imposing her culture on her minorities, Israel assimilated Arab culture to a large extent. To be sure, Jewish culture would not make things any better: Muslim immigrants to France can become French, but Israeli Arabs cannot become Jewish. Israel inherently lacks a religion-neutral culture. Israeli Arabs could never identify themselves with the Jewish state the way French Muslims identify themselves with France. Druze are no exception: they identify with Israel only as along as she does not require any identification. Druze live in their closed communities, completely isolated from Israeli influence. They have no problem fighting the hated Sunnis in the IDF’s ranks, but their cooperation with the Jewish state largely ends there.

Third-generation Muslim immigrants don’t make France any less French; Arabs make Israel completely un-Jewish.