The West is not at war with Islam. A few thousand casualties on the Western side are not wartime losses. Only the incessant coverage by media makes these mild skirmishes look like a war. Suicide explosions kill far fewer people than car accidents; no one claims that America is at war with General Motors. Radicals are fewer among Muslims than hooligans among the Americans. Both the mujahedeen and bank robbers enjoy folk popularity, but far below the threshold required for the masses to follow their radical ways.

Islam is a moribund culture. It has produced almost nothing of value throughout its history. It doesn’t promote study like Judaism, scientific inquiry like the Enlightenment, or work-ethics like Protestantism. Even if Muslims miraculously change, they won’t acquire the unique mix of those three traits for generations. By that time they will die out economically. The West keeps Muslims on a lifeline by buying oil from them and selling them weapons, besides taking careof them in the UN. Just cease that collaboration, and the world of Islam is dead. Over-breeding Muslim populations wouldn’t even be able to sustain their swelling numbers with their primitive agriculture. Absent the West, they would die out. The Western atheist believers in evolution conduct the most anti-evolutionary policy: they support a culture more inefficient than a tyrannosaur in Alabama. One that will meet a similar fate.

Muslims desperately cling to the West for money, but even more for attention. Their dying culture wants the F-16, but it wants consolation even more. Forget military victories or technological break-throughs; Muslims want media coverage. They want respect, and it is precisely respect and media coverage that the West should refuse them. So what if the Muslims command another ten thousand suicide bombers? So another hundred thousand Westerners would die in attacks, and another hundred billion dollars worth of infrastructure would be lost. That’s trifling. Muslims cannot win their death-agony embrace against the West, if only the Western media stop convincing the public that the war is lost. There is no war: Muslims have neither the resources nor the weapons to wage it with.

Many cultures marched triumphant paths to their extinctions. Think of the Incas. The abrogation of Islam is not unthinkable—in fact, it is the most common outcome for cultures and nations. Only a few outperform the others and survive. Without Western assistance and oil purchases, famines and epidemics would solve the problem of jihad fairly soon. The Bedouins who outlive the urban Arabs (who would die out and kill each other in hunger-inspired civil wars) would pose no threat to the West.
Everyone is happy with wars in the Middle East. At least, everyone who matters. Wars inflate the price of oil and benefit millions of well-connected people in oil-related industries. Drilling equipment and pipes supply, commissions, gas sales, refinery: everywhere profits skyrocket with rising oil prices. Huge poor oil reserves, unprofitable before, suddenly become immensely profitable. Bankrupt Russia bathes in cash from its own oil production and sales of arms to other oil producers. Worthless Venezuela can afford socialist welfare and an arms race. Muslims who produce nothing and economically deserve the life-quality of Neanderthals breed, arm, and become prominent and respectable members of the world community.