Israelis imagine that they could withdraw behind the Green Line, and then adopt no-holds-barred policy against the Palestinian intrusions. Presumably, the land behind the Green Line is Jewish, we won’t concede it to anyone, and would fight the guerrillas to death. That’s a soothing lie. Jews already gave away that land to burgeoning numbers of Arab Israelis. It matters not whether the West Bank Palestinians encroach on the Jewish state from without, or Israeli Palestinians encroach on her from within. If the West Bank Palestinians take over Israel, Jews would be reduced to non-sovereign minority. When the Israeli Arabs breed enough, the Jewish sovereignty would be similarly extinguished. Israel makes sense as a Jewish state; as a place which merely allows the Jews to live in, she has no advantages over the US, and plenty of disadvantages.
If Israelis would strenuously oppose Arab cross-border attacks over the Green Line, why not oppose them now? If Israel is capable of crushing the Palestinian insurgency, why withdraw at all instead of crushing the Arab resistance and expanding? Passive security never worked. No nation could hide behind its borders for long. Only active defense, willing to pursue the enemy in his turf, works. Passive defense won’t work for Israel like it didn’t work for the settlements. Fenced Israel would provoke the attacks just as the fenced settlements do. The line between offense and pro-active defense is blurred. If Israel is capable of either, why withdraw?

Jerusalem was central for Christian consciousness for centuries. Now most Christians are willing to concede Jerusalem to Jews or Muslims. After some time, Muslims could grow similarly indifferent to Jerusalem. Alternatively, Christians could become more interested in the city. Only a few decades ago, Jerusalem was meant to be an international city. If Jews show the weakness of dividing Jerusalem with Muslims now, Christians will kick both Jews and Muslims out and put the city under control of international organizations. Religion did not go away from foreign policy.

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