I have a dream. Of a museum dedicated to morons. Its largest hall would house politicians. And the French Foreign Minister Douste-Blazy just earned himself a place in it. He called Hezbollah’s attacks “irresponsible acts.”

Douste-Blazy probably meant that the polite French know better ways of dealing with Jews. Today, 17 Tammuz, is a day of sorrow for Jews, the day the Romans burned the Temple. According to tradition, on the same day six centuries before, the Babylonians destroyed the First Temple. And about the same day 65 years ago the Nazis started to annihilate Jews with the wholehearted support of the French. So Douste-Blazy knows how to deal with Jews.

Irresponsible means fundamentally correct but not feasible in a given situation. Douste-Blazy recognizes Hezbollah’s fundamental right to get rid of Jews but is concerned about the particular actions. Not with Hezbollah’s years-long shelling of Israeli towns, only with the particular attacks. Why those attacks, out of all others? Because they made the Jews mad. And French like things polite. The French courteously supported Khomeini and subverted the Shah.
And so Hezbollah is irresponsible. Well, no. Hezbollah is very responsible, indeed. It works toward its stated goal of eliminating Israel. The goal not too distasteful for the French. Douste-Blazy sympathizes with that goal.

And Israel, so reprehensible! Its response Douste-Blazy called an “act of war.” Let’s buy Douste-Blazy eyeglasses so he can see: a war has been going on here for 60 years. A war stirred up by the French whose influence in Lebanon is considerable. And Israel will continue to act.