Two collected cucumbers: one is guilty, the other one is not. Similarity of actions says nothing about reasons or morality. Russians killed Germans, and Germans killed Russians―what a difference! Germans hunted Jews in Polish forests, and Jewish partisans hunted Germans in the same forests―what a difference! It is absurd to compare Israel’s eviction of Arabs with the German rounding up of Jews. The Arabs are not being murdered or send to ghettos. They are being relocated, yes; it is unpleasant, yes; but it is nothing like the Nazi activity, as the leftists imply. The eviction of the Arabs is best compared to Gush Katif: it is strictly politically motivated, they are being somewhat compensated, and it involves no further oppression whatsoever; they are even helped with resettlement. A country which evicted its own citizens is certainly entitled to evict its enemies.

Statistics are misleading. The West Bank Arabs are many, but they are concentrated in pockets. Eviction won’t cause a widespread upheaval. The Arabs can even be left in their largest towns―let them have a Ramallah-sized Palestine.

True, Muslims are not idolaters, and are not prohibited from residing in the Land of Israel. But non-Jewish worship is still ‘foreign worship’ according to the Torah. There is also the political necessity of expelling the natives because they would always view the Jews as illegitimate invaders. It would be interesting to establish a country in which Jews and Muslims worship jointly―and jointly rip off divine imagery from the churches. In reality, that’s not going to happen, and expelling the Arabs is the Jews’ only alternative to being expelled by them.

Intentions, not outcomes matter