When the Jewish state was being formed in 1948, we had a formidable enemy, the entire Arab world. Back in 1967 and 1973, when Israel’s survival was threatened, we fought the significant Egyptian army and the meager Syrians backed by the Soviets all the way to nuclear threat. Whom do we fight now? A bunch of Palestinian kids in Gaza with home-made rockets fueled by agricultural fertilizers? Hezbollah, a bunch of villains which could be called an army only if pirates make a navy? Show me your enemies, and I will tell you who you are.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are bored by the conflict. They don’t even bother to oppose Israel and equally are critical of Israel and Hezbollah. Iran is not afraid of fighting Israel; it wasn’t afraid of a devastating war with Iraq. Simply, Iran is sure it can handle a war with Israel through its paramilitary proxy, Hezbollah, just like America fought the Soviet Union in the Third World during the Cold War. Iran doesn’t consider the conflict worth of escalating.

Muslims understand there is nothing to oppose about Israel. They accept the pathetically small Jewish state in their midst and get plenty of foreign money and attention for that. They rid themselves of the Palestinian immigrants they hate and settled them in essentially Israeli territory. They fought, and they lost, but they lost nothing: Israel returns conquered land. A low-intensity conflict is fine for Muslim governments, or they could even sign a worthless paper treaty. “Land for peace,” think the Israelis. “Land for paper,” think the Muslims. The Israelis are mistaken.