I’d love to see a mid-level IDF commander take his regiment to the Knesset, shoot all but a half-dozen MKs, continue with everyone in the government, deport the Arabs, and annex the territories. Sick of treacherous politicians and unstoppable concessions, most Israelis will concur. That’s unlikely for practical reasons. Leftists have staffed Shabak, Mossad, and even the police with their political kin. Israeli security organizations are deeply leftist. The political filtering of employees became less severe in the 1970s after the Likud victory, but took off under Rabin and is still perceptible now. Sharon weeded out many right-wingers in the army and security services. Given the security agencies’ strong grip over Israeli society, conspirators would have to be few. That makes them, once initially successful, vulnerable to assault by an overwhelming number of special forces. Abortive putsches often precede major revolutions, and their lives are worth spending even with limited hope of success, but for now the coup option seems closed.

Two other avenues have better prospects. One, abandon Israeli citizenship and move behind the Green Line, first as stateless refugees. Fighting Palestine is easier than Israel. Another: steadily subvert Israeli democracy by further undermining army and police morale with accusations of anti-Jewish behavior, criminal charges, and civil claims for brutal treatment, etc. Revolutions succeed when security apparatus is weak.