After millennia of Exile, Jews are not used to sovereignty. In the Exile, Jews developed a habit of appealing to the policeman; to protect their ghetto before, to protect their state now. And so the Israeli lobby bends over backwards to garner international support for sanctions against Iran. Just in case someone has missed it: Iran has lived under sanctions for the last twenty-nine years, ever since  the Islamic revolution. The touted third round of sanctions is as senseless as the other two: it would freeze some empty bank accounts and impose a travel ban on those who can travel under any name they choose. The sanctions are illegal, too: why should Iran, a signer of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, be punished for acquiring civic nuclear technologies if the US has officially acknowledged that Iran has no military nuclear program? In the interconnected world, sanctions are never efficient, especially import sanctions: Iran can transship its imports through the UAE, Syria, or any other country, and use UAE banks and even havala money changer networks for financial transactions. The only efficient sanctions against Iran would be export sanctions, banning oil purchases from that country, but no one cares so much about the Jews as to pay extra for gasoline.

Indeed, why should anyone care about the Jews? Does any Jew who read about the Holocaust honestly care about Gypsies killed in the death camps? Why should a French company refrain from making a quick buck in transactions with Iran? We the Jews had no problem cooperating with South Africa in developing the nuclear bomb, or helping Latin American dictatorships to keep their populations in check. When Russia sells missiles to Syria, and America sells advanced weapons to Saudi Arabia, why should Siemens not build a telecom network in Iran? Besides, if Siemens won’t do that, Samsung or one of the telecom start-ups in Eastern Europe will.

Jews can talk about the Holocaust, compassion, and basic human decency, and they can even make Western governments pay lip service to those notions, but in the end the governments know they have no fiduciary obligation to the Jews. In fact, most of their constituents would even enjoy it if the Jews were fried in a nuclear blast.

Other countries need not fear nuclear Iran. There is no way that Iran would nuke America, Russia, France, or Egypt—both for fear of overwhelming retaliation and simply because there is no reason to attack. The horror tales of Iran selling nukes to international terrorists are nonsense: Iran did not even allow Hezbollah to use Zelzal-2 rockets in the 2006 Lebanon war. The only countries which have a good reason to fear nuclear Iran are Israel and Iraq.

Sanctions against Iran are a classic example of “quiet diplomacy,” the quintessential Judenrat policy which invariably fails: it did not stop pogroms in tsarist Russia, cause the Allies to save the European Jews, or free the Soviet Jews. Quiet diplomacy requires Bismarck’s brains and Germany’s stature. Jews should loudly pound at the doors, preferably with bombs.

Israel can bomb Iran, suffer the consequences, and reestablish her international standing and deterrence for another twenty to thirty years. Or she can rely on foreign powers to do the job they don’t have to do, and eventually be fried by one of the nuclear Arab states by which she is surrounded.

The biggest problem, however, is not Iran, but the nuclear weapons of Islamist Pakistan and rogue North Korea.

If I'm not for myself, who will be for me?