Invincibility of Israeli army is over-touted. Training in the hi-tech branches is superb, but overall planning and logistics are awful, especially in the infantry. From the earliest days of the 1948 war into the muddle of the 1973 war and until the strategic defeat of Lebanon-2006, IDF’s operational planning was terrible. That is only expected given the Jewish indecisiveness, opinionated mentality, and politicking. Sharon’s thrust behind the Suez was improvised; Lebanon war was finished by non-feasible massing of firepower. Lack of the depth of defense after the giveaway of Sinai, Judea, and Samaria makes Israeli trademark vacillation suicidal, but Israeli military culture offers no alternative for the better. The army becomes worse: less ideologically charged, driven apart by opposite political views, corrupt, inefficient. Arab armies become better day-by-day. Their modern weapons and better training aside, they possess the most significant wartime advantage – of coherent leadership. They also possess the human and territorial mass.

Jews are smarter and braver than the Arabs. In a short limited war, we would defeat the Muslim enemy. In a longer or total war, Israel stands no chance. There is no alternative to the first use of nuclear weapons.

israeli army no panacea