The phenomenon of rising worldwide leftism is explained by strong nation-state. Big states need big bureaucracy. The right comes in two flavors: liberal or totalitarian, both detrimental to bureaucracy. Leftist big government and tolerance to evil provide breeding ground for bureaucracy. Elected politicians rule only to a degree; bureaucracies rule countries. Intelligentsia adds to leftism.

Conservatives, just like the left, presume themselves righteous; righteousness kills to prove itself. Why, then, the notorious totalitarian regimes: Russia, China, Israel are predominantly leftist? Why the leftists killed massively? How could Rabin shoot the Jews from the Altalena who tried to swim to the shore? This is the difference between right and left: natural law. The right accept the natural way of things: ethics, religion, nationalism. The leftists presume the world primitively rational, build artificial theories, and hatefully reject everything that doesn’t fit their preconceptions. Along with religion and nationalism, the leftists throw away ethics, compassion. The more their policies are proved empty and wrong, the more hatefully leftists suppress the dissent. The right accept religion and nationalism as facts, and care relatively little when others question their values. Leftists’ values are supposed to be rational, and critique cannot be ignored – thus brutally suppressed.

The left are afraid of the real life which constantly rebukes them. The left are jealous of conservatives whose life comfortably follows unquestioned values. Empty souls replace religion and nationalism with anything else, if sufficiently pompous. Israeli politicians who don’t believe in God or Jewishness seek comfort on the other side of Atlantic, and suppress Jewish patriots, and sell Jewish state to please foreign masters.

The US government supports right movements worldwide, but left in Israel. US cares not about left or right, but rather of compliance with the US instructions and independent policy. American government manipulates Israel for no rational reason. Strong, secure, ideologically charged Israel of reasonable size would be a perfect American ally. American bosses kick Israel around to show their power. Acting on master syndrome is irresistible.