Hunters are often fanatical. Once a person crosses the line of terrible prohibition, he enjoys the forbidden crime wholeheartedly. Murder and violence are a strong and sweet instinct. Hunters see that the prohibition could be violated, and hunt devotedlyIsraeli police are the same way. The moral prohibition for a Jew to not harm another Jew is very strong. To harm a neighbor is attractive; the Torah specifically prohibits oppressing a neighbor. Like a bear who has tasted human blood, Israeli police would start hunting the right. Israeli services killed Meir and Binyamin Kahane, and Gandhi. They cooperated with Arab militants to do the job, and also with the mullahs in the Iran-Contras affair, and with the Pakistani military. Bin Laden similarly accused Israel of assassinating Azzam with the help of Arab agents. Facts tying Israelis to Sept. 11 could not be just dismissed. Kahane’s assassin organized the WTC bombing in 1993. Guards, not Yigal Amir, assassinated Rabin; clear video was censored. Rabin, his popularity dwindling, was purposefully killed in an extraordinary attempt to accuse the right and reassert the power of the leftists, all the while turning Rabin-the-scum into a martyr of peace. Baruch Goldstein, a lone shooter with three magazines, could not have killed 29 people and wounded 150; soldiers testified that they had to shoot at the crowd, and later recanted their testimonies; a weapons cache was found in the mosque, but was never investigated. They fabricated the case to accuse the right and ban Kach. The Institution and SB necessarily operate outside of legal limits, but does anyone have any idea what do the agencies do?

America resorted to provocation to disband JDL. The FBI sent a provocateur to the then-head of the JDL, who offered to bomb a mosque in America for him. Both the JDL leader and an operative were killed in jail in two separate incidents. This type of physical hunt is a recent development. Kahane’s JDL was extremely cumbersome for America and Israel, yet it operated practically unhindered.

The standard question, “cui bono?” answers the question of who killed Kahane. Arabs had no reason to kill him because Kahane was a scarecrow, scaring the Israeli and Western public so that the right-wingers could be demonized. Kahane was barred from the Knesset and posed no threat to Israeli Arabs. He did pose a huge threat to the Israeli establishment, especially after he started working on the referendum which would have won—as subsequent polls showed—overwhelming support among Jews for the expulsion of the Arabs. Arabs never killed Jewish politicians. Jews routinely kill Jewish competitors, starting with Arlosoroff’s murder, which benefited Ben Gurion only.
Somewhere during Kahane’s career in Israel, Shabak people told him, “Rabbi, you should stop.” “Stop what, breathing?” replied Kahane. “Rabbi, we will only warn you once.”

The murders of Meir Kahane, his son Binyamin, and JDL members are too much of a coincidence. Add to these the framing of Baruch Goldstein, who supposedly killed and wounded more Arabs in the Cave of the Patriarchs shooting than there were bullets in his cartridge. Soldiers testified they had to shoot to stop a rioting Arab mob—which was in line with Israeli intelligence, which expected pogroms on that day in Hebron—but the soldiers were forced to retract their testimonies. The Israeli government used the Goldstein hoax to ban Kahane’s party, and the US designated Kach a foreign terrorist organization based on…Israeli Radio propaganda broadcasts. America never banned JDL which perpetrated violence, and the decision to ban Kach on no evidence is only explainable by Israeli bidding.

Meir Kahane was killed by Said Nosair. Neither Nosair nor any of his Al Qaeda associates had ties to Palestinians. In that year 1990, Al Qaeda in no way worked on behalf of Palestinians.

Binyamin Kahane was killed along with his wife—but his five daughters in the same car were left untouched. That’s not an Arab way of murder, but Jewish. Israel arrested three members of Arafat’s Force 17 for the murder of Binyamin Kahane in 2001, but in 2007 attributed the murder to newly arrested Khaled Shawish.

JDL members Irv Rubin and Earl Kruger were killed in separate accidents in US prisons. That’s hardly the work of Palestinian guerrillas.

No contemporary Jewish organization other than Kahane’s suffered such heavy losses among its leadership. The only common hand behind such diverse murders could be Israel’s.

The story doesn’t stop with the official Kahanists. An Israeli group of Oslo promulgators had every reason to murder Rehavam Ze’evi, who firmly confronted Peres. Israeli security had no problem asking PFLP to take credit for Ze’evi’s murder, ostensibly in retaliation for the Israeli assassination of Mustafa Zabri. But could a primitive terrorist group really plan the murder of an Israeli minister in a high-security hotel, and do so in merely two months? Palestinians have always retaliated with simple and media-friendly violence against Israeli civilians; the retaliatory killing of an Israeli politician would be very unlike them. Primitive guerrillas just cannot carry out a refined assassination such as Zeevi’s.

Palestinians had little reason to murder Israeli judge Adi Azar, who made the PLO to compensate Egged bus company for its losses from terrorist attacks. The murder of a judge would have been more costly for the PLO both in terms of immediate retaliation and the enmity of the Israeli judicial system than Egged’s claim of 52 million shekels. Azar’s murderer scouted an area near his house for three days in an Israeli security uniform—an impractical risk for a terrorist, and a tactic never before used. The Israeli establishment had a huge interest in protecting the secrecy of the PLO’s funds. Israel made the modern PLO, which had been taken off the map with their eviction from Lebanon to Tunisia. Shimon Peres brought Arafat back to Palestine as a puppet for a peace show: Israeli tanks and aircraft are powerless against Palestinian terrorism (never mind that Jewish boots on the ground root it out efficiently), the PLO is almost—but not quite—ready to sign a peace deal, money is laundered through the PLO’s accounts, and high-profile international reputations are made. Arafat sometimes protested that it was Israel who staged “terrorist attacks,” which of course were counterproductive to the Palestinian cause, but he was dismissed as a liar. No one in the mainstream Israeli media asked a basic question: why would the Palestinians conduct bombings—ostensibly to terrorize Israelis—and immediately deny their involvement, thus abandoning any political benefits of their actions?

The conflict is willingly perpetuated by the brotherly efforts of Shabak and PLO-Hamas.