How much would you charge for your wedding ring? For the watch your father gave you at graduation? For your military memorabilia? Why do we let political thugs sell Jewish land? Can’t do anything about it? Maybe yes, maybe no. The Jews who revolted in the Warsaw ghetto weren’t sure of the results. Sometimes, basic human decency requires us to stand up against evil, whatever the odds. We could be beaten by the police or sent to jail. That’s only natural. Jewish quislings assault Jews who stand for Jewish beliefs.

The Israeli government is not unique among gangs; the Knesset, a third of whose members are confirmed criminals, is no exception. The Jewish establishment historically has often been ugly. It is not representative of Jews. Opposing the government by whatever means doesn’t mean opposing the Jewish community.

Jews who would save their bodies from the minute inconvenience of countering the police in Samaria, will lose their souls. At some times, silence is a crime. We could claim shock or ignorance during the annihilation of Gush Katif, but no more. Denying the assault of Israeli government on the Jewish state is like denying the Holocaust. To believe that the wise government knows better is to deny the facts.

The criminal government of Israel commits state treason. It deliberately annihilates the goal the Jews have longed for for two millennia—and have nearly reached. The government will not deliver peace, but will leave Israel an unsustainable ghetto-sized country.