Why does Israel need a mediator, either to deal with the Quartet or in negotiations with terrorist organizations? Because her leaders are cowardly. Often a mediator is employed because parties are willing to accept an offer coming from a neutral person rbut would reject the same offer from the other side. This is hardly the case with Israel, whose decisions are so forced that their origin is irrelevant; and besides, Israel’s own leftists propose even more extreme positions than the mediators.
British and Turkish mediators are especially distasteful. Brits are as bad as Nazis for me. America refused to save us during the Holocaust, or even to allow us safe haven temporarily. Cruel, yes, but I can understand. Myself, I slept well when the Hutus exterminated the Tutsis, and would have opposed Israeli aid, intervention, or safe haven for them. But the Brits are different. They closed our homeland, which had been entrusted to them, and pressured Turkey and Bulgaria to ban Jewish refugees. Their sin was not inaction, but active, albeit implicit, collaboration with the Germans. But didn’t the British politicians trumpet Jewish suffering when the US State Department wanted it kept quiet? Yes, but only as a means to rally Jewish support for America’s entry into WWII. For some reason the British had a very high estimation of Jewish influence in America. In WWI, that led Britain to support the establishment of a Jewish state in return for Jewish support in dragging America into the war.
How can Britain play an impartial mediator when it occupied and tried to hold that very land, and we drove them away? The falsity of Britain’s impartiality is amply demonstrated by its UN voting record: abstaining on resolutions from establishing a Jewish state in 1947 to Goldstone’s report in 2009. How impartial is it to allow unrestrained Jew-bashing, physical in 1948 and moral in 2009? Britain traditionally has huge geopolitical stakes among the Arabs toward whom it is thus naturally tilted. That tilt is demonstrated by British measures such as arming the Arab Legion to fight against Israel in 1947 and prosecuting Israeli generals for organizing our self-defense in Gaza in 2009.
Neither can impartiality be expected from Turkey, an Islamic state aligned with Iran and Syria. Turkey made its leanings clear when it condemned Israeli occupation and antiterrorist operations.
We don’t need mediators. Israel is a small country, but our nuclear arsenal makes us nothing less than equal to the Muslim behemoth states that surround us. And we can always bomb them into an agreement.